Chapter 4 :: Facade Pattern

What you should do by Monday, October 3:

  1. Read Chapter 4 in Design Patterns in C# and/or Day 3 in Daily Design Pattern (the newer free book we are using) both are about the Facade Pattern
  2. Complete code challenge, refactoring the code to use the facade pattern:
  3. Complete the assignment and push it up to your Fork (oh yeah, fork it if you haven’t already!)
  4. Come to the meetup on Monday Oct. 3, 6:30-8pm ready to talk the Facade Pattern and discuss how you solved the code challenge (or listen and ask questions if you didn’t have time to do the challenge)

Supplemental Facade Reading:

As I have said many times, I am a little disappointed with the books explanations overal. When creating the challenge I leaned heavily on the sites listed below. (Note: While reading the first link you may feel like you are being watched by Vigo the Carpathian from Ghost Busters 2)